Welfare Centre - Tailoring Section

Tailoring Section
Installation / Allotment of Diesel Genset of 20 KVA on 20-12-2008. After the installation of Genset one of the main problems of poor power supply has been solved, now the work in Welfare Centre is going on smoothly.

Computerization of Tailoring Section - After installation of two (02) computer systems in Welfare Centre Jammu, one system has been installed in Tailoring Show room for billing purposes and another has been installed in general office for maintaining the record.

Inauguration of Tailoring work shop and show room on 20-12-2008 - Tailoring work shop and show room was inaugurated on 20-12-2008 by Dr. Indu Kaul Khoda, Chairperson, Police Wives Welfare and Association J&K. The new automatic machines are installed in Tailoring work shop. In this automatic tailoring work shop the uniform has been prepared on proper measurement and with all relevant materials.

Free Vehicle Service to lady workers w.e.f 20-12-2008 - Facility of vehicle have been provided to the workers for their to and fro journey.

Foam Seat for lady workers - The foam seats have been provided to lady workers for their comfortable sitting during working.

Heating system - The lady workers have also been provided heating system facility during winters.


Details of Cash of Tailoring Section of Police Welfare Centre Jammu w.e.f December-2006 to till date.

S.No. Year Detail of Cash
  December-2006 Cash in Bank  = Rs. 317308.00 Cash as F.D.   = Rs. 446177.00
  December-2007 Cash in Bank  = Rs. 397897.00 Cash as F.D.   = Rs. 446177.00
  December-2008 Cash in Bank  = Rs. 208896.00 Cash as F.D.   = Rs. 816733.00
  December-2009 Cash in Bank  = Rs. 276388.00 Cash as F.D.   = Rs. 1006401.00 
  December-2010 Cash in Bank  = Rs. 297290.00 Cash as F.D.   = Rs. 1071379.00
  Till date Cash in bank  =Rs. 141859.00 Cash as F.D.   = Rs. 1271379.00

Details of Automatic / Hand sewing machines received by Police Welfare Centre Jammu from Police Headquarters on 27-09-2007

Description of Goods Quantity Date of Receipt Benefits
  Usha Hand Sewing machine Model Tailor 10 Nos. Received on 27-09-2007 Due to these automatic / hand sewing machines the work of Tailoring Section now done in a neat and clean manner.  These machines are time saving.
  Usha Hi Speed S/M Model 8500B 02 Nos. Received on 15-03-2008
  Usha Button machine  S/M Model 1108 01 Nos. Received on 15-03-2008
  Usha Button Hole machine S/M Model 11888 01 Nos. Received on 15-03-2008
  Usha Over/interlock machine S/M Model 757F 01 Nos. Received on 15-03-2008
  Glory Cloth Cutting Machine GL329 01 Nos. Received on 15-03-2008
  Usha Sewing Machine (stitching master) 01 Nos. Received on 17-05-2008
  Usha hand sewing machine Model Tailor 10 Nos. Received on 17-05-2008

Enhancement of stitching charges of uniform items

Nomenclature Earlier Charges Revised Charges
Shirt K.C Rs. 14.40 Rs. 35.00
Trouser K.D Rs. 14.40 Rs. 40.00
Short Drill Khaki Rs.   9.60 Rs. 25.00
Dangri Rs. 24.00 Rs. 70.00
Shirt Angola Drab Rs. 24.00 Rs. 50.00
Trouser BD Serge Rs.38.40 Rs. 80.00
Shirt Terricot Khaki & White Rs.30.00 Rs. 50.00
Trouser Terricot Khaki & white Rs. 38.40 Rs. 70.00
Short Terricot Khaki & white Rs. 18.00 Rs.25.00
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